Bill Tom

B.A. in Sociology, 49er Finish Graduate

The 49er Finish Program was an integral part of my mid-life career change.

As a young man in the mid to late 90’s I had not so much “dropped out” of UNC Charlotte, but just failed to return as other career options became available at the time, and I pursued them. Nearly 20 years later, those early choices had led me to a career dead-end where no more growth was possible. Even making a lateral financial and salary move was impossible without a Bachelor’s degree. After receiving a mailing from the 49er Finish Program, I called the 49er Finish advisor who provided all the brass-tacks

information I needed to re-enroll at UNC Charlotte. The 49er Finish Program acted as a liaison and coordinator for me to all the other departments, from financial aid to registration, and even parking.

What had at one time seemed unattainable has become a reality, and I have achieved successes that even a year ago would have been impossible. I am now a UNC Charlotte Graduate! As a working professional with family obligations, this program was invaluable. I am happy to report that due directly to my newly acquired degree I was able to make a lateral financial move to a major insurance company with immense room for growth and opportunities, a mere two months after degree completion.

You can do it too!