Can I be readmitted if I have a financial hold on my account?

You must fulfill your financial obligation to the university and have your financial hold lifted by the posted application deadline in order for your application to be fully processed. If you apply for readmission, but cannot get your financial hold lifted by the application deadline of the term you applied for; your application will be withdrawn from the university and you must reapply for any future term you wish to attend. This includes submission of another readmit application and fee. Please click here to sign in to Banner Self Service and view your record for possible financial holds.

Can I change my major?

Students must meet the prerequisite and GPA requirements to declare or change a major. For a listing of the particular requirements, please refer to the undergraduate academic programs or contact an advisor in OASES for additional information.

Can I get credit for work experience?

Although UNC Charlotte does not offer course credit for work experience directly, a student currently enrolled at UNC Charlotte may pass a specially prepared challenge examination and receive credit for a University course without having to do the normal course work. The student contacts the program in which credit is sought to request administration of an examination. Students may also receive up to 23 semester hours of course credit through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) developed by the College Board, which helps you receive college credit for what you already know.

Can I take classes at another school if it isn’t offered at UNC Charlotte?

The Greater Charlotte Consortium (GCC) is a cross-town course registration consortium that allows students to take classes at other consortium member institutions when the class is not offered at the student’s home institution. Students must be enrolled full-time at their home institution to participate in the GCC. For additional information and a list of the participating institutions, please visit the consortium website: https://greatercharlotteconsortium.org/

UNC Online is a consortium of UNC system schools who offer online and hybrid degree options in one place. If you cannot find an online course that you need at UNC Charlotte, you may find an online course in the UNC System. Consult with an academic advisor before enrolling in a course offered by another institution.

Any student taking courses at other institutions must complete a Transient Study Form with the Office of the Registrar prior to enrolling. Students may be unable to take courses elsewhere due to university policy and must consult their advisor and department for eligibility before doing so.

Can I take courses online?

UNC Charlotte offers online courses, but not all courses required for a major are offered online unless it is an online degree program. You can view course offerings and the teaching format at UNC Charlotte through Banner Self Service.

Can I visit campus and talk with someone about coming back to school?

Check out the Visit Experience website to regiser for a tour of the campus or to attend an Open House event. Advisors from OASES are also happy to meet with students interested in learning more about available majors, transfer credits, and what it is like to be an adult student at UNC Charlotte. Advisors are available for early morning, evening, and virtual drop-in appointments. See the OASES advising website for advising options and hours.

Do my earned credits expire?

In most situations your earned credits from UNC Charlotte or your transfer credit from another institution will still count towards meeting graduation requirements. If the academic program you are pursuing is an accredited program or if the course content has changed drastically from when you first took the course, you may need to retake a course to meet graduation requirements. It is ultimately up to the discretion of the academic department to determine the courses you will still need to complete to fulfill your major requirements.

Does UNC Charlotte offer online degree programs?

Please visit the School of Professional Studies for a list of online degree programs and certificate options.

How do I find out about internships or career paths?

Internships and job shadowing are great ways to enhance your college education. Please visit the University Career Centerfor more information on how to take advantage of these opportunities. The Career Center also provides career testing, off campus job postings, and information on career paths available for your major.

How do I find out who my major advisor is?

Your assigned advisor(s) should be listed on your student record in My UNC Charlotte. You can also view your advisor through Connect. If your record does not list an advisor, you can contact your academic department of your major. If you are having difficulty reaching or communication with your advisor, please contact us.

How do I register for classes?

Class registration is done through My UNC Charlotte. To register for classes log in to 49er express using your NinerNET username and password. From this location, you can view available class sections, add classes to your schedule, drop classes from your schedule, and view your schedule. Once readmitted, an advising hold is placed on a student’s account, requiring a student to meet with an advisor in their academic department before registering for courses.

How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

You can schedule an appointment with your advisor through Connect, where you can see your advisor’s availability. If you do not see an advisor listed, please contact your academic department of your major.

I got my acceptance letter. What do I do now?

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to write a term paper. Is there anyone on campus to help me learn how again?

The Writing Resources Center is committed to offering writing support to students, faculty, and staff. The J. Murrey Atkins Library also offers  research guides and resources.

What are the different formats for courses?

UNC Charlotte offers classes in various formats to include online, hybrid, evenings (after 5:00 PM), and a few weekend courses. However, you may not be able to complete your degree by only attending online or evening classes (unless you are in an online degree program). You can view course offerings for UNC Charlotte through Banner Self Service. For additional assistance, please contact the 49er Finish Program Coordinator at 704-687-5104 or 49erfinish@charlotte.edu.

What does it mean to be an adult or non-traditional student?

What if I am approved for readmission but don’t enroll that term?

Your readmit application, and acceptance, is only good for the semester in which you apply. If you do not enroll, you must go through the application process again, submitting another application.

What is an advising hold?

All readmitted students will have an advising hold placed on their account, requiring a student to meet with an advisor from the academic department of a student’s major to discuss registration. Once a student meets with an advisor, the hold will be lifted. If it is not lifted, please contact your advisor.

What is the cost of tuition and fees?

The current tuition rate for this academic year is listed on the Niner Central website.

What undergraduate degree programs does UNC Charlotte offer?

UNC Charlotte offers 80+ bachelor’s degree program. Check out the Undergraduate Majors webpage for a list of the majors available.

When do I register for classes?

Registration for the summer I, summer II, and fall semester starts in mid-March and registration for the spring semester starts the beginning of November. Students are assigned a registration appointment time based on credit hours earned, which can be accessed through My UNC Charlotte. Please view the Academic Calendar for registration deadlines

Who needs to apply for readmission?

All readmit students are former degree seeking undergraduate students of UNC Charlotte. Students that have not been enrolled for 12 consecutive months after the semester last attended at UNC Charlotte need to apply for readmission. For additional classifications and information, please visit Undergraduate Student Readmission Information. If you have never been an undergraduate student at UNC Charlotte, review the requirements for applying to the university as a freshman or transfer student.