Kimberly Thomas-Hogan

Alumni, College of Arts + Architecture

Stop waiting for the “perfect time” to do accomplish something. Anytime is a great time to start. Keep it moving and do not give up!

Student characteristics

  • Transfer Student
  • 49er Finish or Readmitted Student
  • Parent/Guardian
  • Employed Full Time
  • Part Time Student

Prior to coming to UNC Charlotte, I was working for an insurance company full-time and just completed my Associate’s Degree from Central Piedmont Community College. I started my college journey after graduating high school in 1991 at North Carolina A & T State University, but I wasn’t focused and dropped out before my senior year.

Afterwards, I worked, moved to Georgia, then moved back home to Charlotte. Even though I had a stable job and a mortgage, I felt that wasn’t enough. I contemplated going back to school around 2004 as an art major, but I wasn’t sure which concentration within art I wanted focus on. So I enrolled at UNCC as a Pre-Art major in the fall of that year. At that time I was still working at the insurance company, but I was also an intern at one of the local museums and  networking within the art community.

When I was hired full-time at the museum, I learned about art, artists and connecting with the community. I enjoyed it so much I decided to major in Art History. Well, a lot had happened since I first enrolled (my dad’s passing, job loss, illness) and I lost focus, but I didn’t want to quit. In 2017, I received information about the 49er Finish program. By then, I had taken a two year break from school after having my son and getting married. I only had three classes to complete so I felt like NOW is the time to do it. The 49er Finish program was so helpful with getting me enrolled, registered and keeping me on track through my advisor and the head of the department. I was more focused and determined to finally complete my degree. As of May 2018, I am now officially a UNC Charlotte graduate!

My words of wisdom for an adult student considering to enroll at UNC Charlotte is to stop waiting for the “perfect time” to accomplish something. Anytime is a great time to start. Keep it moving and do not give up.